About us

Our History

Dunleavy Meats is a family-owned, future-facing company.

Founders John & Maura Dunleavy opened a butcher shop in 1961, as well as setting up a butcher shop in Ballina, John and Maura built the Mayo Sligo Livestock Mart in Ballina in 1957.

Since then, the business was transferred to their son Michael, where Dunleavy Meats has grown from a family-run butcher shop on Lord Edwards Street, Ballina to purpose-built abattoir and deboning facility about four miles outside of Ballina, on the Killala Road in 1998.

In 2001 Dunleavy Meats acquired its EU Licence and began to target mainland Europe. Since then, through a high level of investment and building relationships with our customers and suppliers we have developed the business and are working with companies all over Europe and outside the EU.

John Dunleavy at Mayo Sligo Livestock Mart in 1957
Mayo Sligo Livestock Mart Open Day
Michael Dunleavy & staff turning on the new facility in 1998.
Michael Dunleavy at Butcher Shop

The family business continues to go strength to strength under the direction of his sons John and Brian who have been at the helm for well over a decade.

The business is now in its third generation and family experience has been a major growth factor in the growth of Dunleavy Meats.

Our background has earned us a strong respect for the traditions of cattle raising and traditional butchery styles. We are constantly developing new products, offering a wide range from carcass to primal cuts, but we are also excited about providing consumers with new and exciting products.

We take great pride in providing the finest beef to our customers, who include wholesalers, local butcher shops and the high-end catering sector.

Dunleavy Meats have grown significantly, maintaining the trust of our dedicated suppliers and customers to produce quality meats.

2023: John Dunleavy Managing Director
2023 Brian & John Dunleavy
2023: Brothers Brian Operations Director & John Dunleavy Managing Director

Our Vision, Mission & Values