Over 60 Years of Meat Processing and still paving the way

About us

Since 1961, three generations of strong butchery & farm heritage

Dunleavy Meats is a family run meat processor located on the west coast of Ireland, an area of unique lush pasture between the Atlantic Ocean and the ox mountains. Due to our location, we have a very temperate climate that provides a natural grass-based diet, high in vitamins and minerals which reflect in the quality and flavour of our beef.

Sustainability & Environment

Do better today for tomorrow!

As a company we rely on a loyal workforce and local farming communities to produce our world class beef products, we have recognised the importance of sustainability to the long- term success of our business. We have formalised our commitment to sustainability by implementing the Dunleavy Meats Sustainability Strategy. This strategy is based around six pillars: People & Safety; Animal Welfare; Suppliers; Quality; Environment; and Community.


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