Our Process & Quality

Best Quality

Dunleavy Meats produce only to the highest food safety standards

The team at Dunleavy Meats is proud of the quality products we produce; our produce is second to none.

We operate a comprehensive Food Safety Management System which incorporates the international standard Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles for the production of wholesome products for local and international markets.

Dunleavy Meats employ Good Manufacturing Practice approach where product integrity begins on the farm with our suppliers. This partnership ensures we maintain consistently high standards in what is a controlled, hygienic and safe environment.

Ongoing and intensive training with staff at all levels of the production process ensures we maintain the highest standards at all times.

Through our State-of-the-Art meat processing software system Nouvem we can provide complete and instantaneous traceability. We also have the flexibility through this system to control and monitor product specifications in a real time environment.

At Dunleavy’s it is our policy to produce beef products which meet and exceed customer safety and quality requirements. Our technical team executes quality control checks to ensure the products we produce meets customer requirements.

We are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards across all areas of our business. We constantly assess ourselves in terms of our adherence to relevant legislation, customer codes of practice and third-Party standards. We continuously seek improvements across our business. Many of these standards are set by ourselves but some key areas are independently audited every year to ensure our continued compliance. We have attained the highest level of Halal accreditation.




Our lairage is cutting edge when it comes to observing animal welfare best practice. With curved races, non-slip floors, a constant feed and water supply, and optimum pen spacing and sizes, we ensure the highest welfare standards.

Animal welfare is at the very foundation of our company as we understand its importance and the role it plays.

Our standard operating procedures ensure best animal welfare practices. We work with all our livestock hauliers to ensure they are operating to the highest animal welfare standards. All Lairage staff have received certified animal handling training and are supervised by our Animal Welfare Officer. We ensure all animals are free from hunger and thirst, pain, injury or disease, discomfort, from fear and distress and are free to express normal behaviour.

Slaughter Floor

Designed with speed and precision in mind, our slaughtering hall and deboning hall, is EC approved. We employ the latest technology to maximize efficiencies, maintain hygiene levels and deliver consistency.


70% of the beef quality is determined post slaughter and as a result we take practices such as chilling beef very seriously. We take care to ensure that carcases are well spaced in chills so that there is no touching. The fact that we have considerable chilled storage space enables us to chill beef in batches according to pre–selected carcase criteria for our brands.

Gradual and consistent chilling is important especially in the hours post slaughter.


Our loading bay provides us ample space to organize and select products for palletizing. Our dedicated carcass loading arms allow for safe carcass dispatch along with dock leveled loading bays. Our barcode scanning system allow us to dispatch in an organized manner at speed.

Traceability IT System

All of these processes are monitored, real time Traceability IT system which ensures that stringent controls are executed at critical points of each process flow. This forms part of our Total Quality Management System where we can provide traceability at the touch of a button.